Monday, April 21, 2008

Lockergnome sees the future with LinkBunch!

Around ten years ago, I had developed an application called QCI, which was a back-up utility for the then popular ICQ instant messaging client. Lockergnome had written about it in the newsletter, which was all Lockergnome was back then!

Ten years later, I've developed something that fancies Lockergnome once again! LinkBunch is now featured in Lockergnome's April 15th post. Here's what Brandon Watts had to say about LinkBunch:

With online communication becoming more streamlined than ever, a lot of people are now communicating using links instead of words, and it’s time for links to be able to do more than just go to a single Web site. LinkBunch is about as simple as it could possibly be. All you do is provide a list of links that you’d like to create a single link for and the service will then bunch them all together so that when someone click on the LinkBunch link, they’ll see a list of URLs that they can then visit. You know, sometimes big things come in small packages.

Now I just hope it doesn't take me another ten years to make something that LG can wrote about once again! :)

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