Thursday, February 14, 2008

LinkBunch makes it to LifeHacker!

Another one of my daily reads has posted about LinkBunch. LifeHacker's Kevin Purdy has this to say about my multiple-links-in-one service:

Head to LinkBunch, type or paste in your addresses one per line, and you'll get a LinkBunch URL that points to a fast-loading page with all your links on it, as well as a meta-link that opens them all. Better still, Firefox users can install a LinkBunch extension that lets you automatically submit all your open tabs for a LinkBunch URL.

He picked it up from the original post on LifeHacker Australia, who's Sarah Stokely really liked the 'Open entire bunch' and the idea of the upcoming Twitter bot for LinkBunch:

I can definitely see LinkBunch having a place in my browser alongside TinyURL, and active Twitter users will also be interested to know that LinkBunch is also being integrated into Twitter. [...] Nice.

Sarah in turn picked it up from Web Worker Daily, where Mike Gunderloy said:

LinkBunch is a link-shortening service (similar to the selection we reviewed a while back), but with a twist: you can enter a whole list of links, and it will give you one shorter link to represent them all.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Note: The server issue of a blank page has been sorted, and now you can access LinkBunch without any problem. Here's a bunch with all the abovementioned links:

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Gee said...

Sounds like a nice add-on, but be aware it doesn't work in Firefox on Mac 10.4.11 (Tiger). I'd love to try it out, but alas, no go.