Monday, February 18, 2008

Major IE functionality flaw and a minor CSS flaw... fixed!

Thanks to Kevin S. Brady for pointing this out. And shame on everyone else (including me) for not trying out LinkBunch in Internet Explorer all this while!

The bug would prevent anyone using IE from creating a link bunch. This happened when I changed from the regular, form "Bunch" button to a fancy looking image button. IE sends the image button along with co-ordinates like 'bunch.x' and 'bunch.y' but Firefox continues with a simple 'bunch'. The script looked for the bunch button text and only created the bunch if it was specified, hence it would fail on IE. This was a really stupid but, but it's fixed now!

Also, a minor CSS bug prevented the page from being centered properly in IE. That's also fixed now.

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Willem said...

Great tool! I've been using linkbunch for a while now, and I have 2 suggestions/requests.
A couple of times I have created a linkbunch, and realised after a while that I forgot another link I would like to bunch or I would like to replace one link with another. I understand that linkbunches can't be made editable, without login (or else anyone could edit them). But what I would like is to be able to create a new linkbunch based on an old one.
How it would work is that there is a button saying "update", "expand" or something, and when you press it, you will go to the 'create linkbunch' screen, with the links from the old one already filled out in the form. Now you can add/delete links, and when you press the 'bunch' button it would just generate a new linkbunch-url.
It might seem like a trivial update (and I don't think it is very hard to code), but it would enhance usability, since now I have to copy-paste the links, remove the # signs, etc.
Another thing that is slightly annoying (and easily fixed) is that the linkbunch-link is in fact a hyperlink. What I imagine anyone would like to do is to copy the linkbunch-link they just made, not access the linkbunch-link.
Again, great tool, keep up the good work!