Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tiny ID generation code in place

I was experimenting with different methods of using short IDs to represent the link bunches, but I figured it would be inconvenient to have IDs like C3GE6AF4 (CRC) or 2781f758c6b29151008187a96f497bebd52f5810 (MD5). TinyURL and similar sites have shorter codes that aren't based on any hashing algorithm and they prove to be convenient as well as efficient, so I sat down to write a simple permutation-based ID generator.

This post is only to let you know that it's finished and now you'll have tiny IDs for use with the link bunches you create :)

Meanwhile, here is an interesting, relevant read pointed out by @codelust: URL Shortening: Hashes In Practice

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Chetan Thaker said...

Tip: You could download a dictionary that is usually used for bruteforcing and you could actually have words representing your links

like, you get the hint !