Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LinkBunch Firefox Extension Preview

This extension will easily let you bunch all your open tabs into one LinkBunch.

Note: This extension is not yet compatible with Firefox 3, as it hasn't been approved for public use by the Mozilla Add-ons site. If you have a Mozilla Sandbox account, head over to the page for the LinkBunch extension and post a review.

As of now, this extension will need to be downloaded and installed manually:

  1. Click here: linkbunch.xpi to download the extension.
  2. After downloading, drag and drop it from Windows Explorer into an open Firefox window or tab and you will get the Add-on installation dialog.
  3. Wait for a couple of seconds and click Install.
  4. Restart browser

Usage: To bunch current open tabs, pull down the Bookmarks menu and click 'Create a LinkBunch of tabs'. The page with the created LinkBunch will open in another new tab.

As usual, leave comments here or on Twitter or aalaap AT gmail.com with requests, suggestions, bugs or just a 'hi' ;)


Kemposaur said...

Link to the .xpi broken for anyone else?

Aalaap said...

@Kemposaur I was migrating domains from .com to .ch. You may have caught me in the middle of that!


Kemposaur said...

I did indeed, got it working now, cheers!

godchosenleochan said...

very good service. do you prepare to design a shortcut key for "creat a linkbuch for tabs"???? or can you kindly first tell me oncommand for this, i can devise a shortcut key myself with the aid of keyconfig(a must-have extension for me)

godchosenleochan said...

and more for firefox extension.
did you ever use tinyurl firefox extension?
this extension will creat some context menuitems. when you choose to tinyurl it, it will give a popup quickly and by default copy the created link to you clipboard. you only need to paste it directly to share with others without to redirect to the website at all. it's so great and quickly.

can you modify your extension in this way.

mgwalks said...

looks interesting

Babarum said...

Linkbun.ch is between the best services for me! I use Firefox 3.0, and unfortunately the extension don't work with it. (Manual installation from the blog either! Tried force install too...)
Please upgrade!
Now I use a very complicated solution, I have to drag my tabs from Firefox to Flock to use the extension...

Jake said...

Hi, I also use linkbun.ch a lot and have the same problem with Firefox 3. I just can't install this extension.
However, what I'm doing until we get a working extension is use another one called CopyAllUrls to get the urls from all my opened tabs and then I just paste them in linkbun.ch.

The extension is here: http://plasser.net/copyallurls/